If there are local mini stores, online stores then there is definitely an honesty store. But are these politicians approved?

Honesty stores are all over the U.S. it is a unique approach to selling and buying products with a kiosk without a keeper or a staff to look over it. Basically, buyers will go directly to the honesty store and choose their products and leave the money on a designated envelop or storage to keep them.

If they have changed, they also have to change their money on their own. Basically, it is a no-man shop. All you have is your honesty.

This is why a lot of American citizens felt like they are being put into an honesty test. So liars are off-limits, while honest people can buy and leave.

But when did this honesty store concept started?

Honesty Store: Selling for a Purpose

The concept of the honest store is more than just a national social experiment— or to prove whether people are really going, to be honest in buying in a kiosk.

Most of the people, businessmen especially, wonders if such concept can help them with their company to help them bankrupt. Well, the only thing you need to have in putting an honesty store is the trust for the people who are either leave their payment or run away.

Moreover, you can just install a lie detector test from https://liedetectors-uk.com if you wanted to be sure and to stay away from liars.


Putting the Americans to Test

Dropping by into an honesty store only leaves you these question:


  • Drop a dollar and get your drink?


  • Or treat yourself a free drink?

If may seem like a test, but it is actually business. If you are a businessman, it actually saves you to pay for people to look over the place. Plus, a lot of buyers will 90% leave a dollar than to get something without paying for it.


People will felt like they are being watched, so most likely they will leave payment for something they got. Or, their conscience and the guilt will have them to pay for it.

It is Politicians Approved

Basically, this is why politicians approved this kind of concept. It is a good and profitable business after all plus it also helps to uplift the marginalized sector of society.