The Changes that Congress Needs

Some have called the mid – term election, conducted as a voter’s announcement, last November, about the President. It has been called by some a Blue Wave, because, particularly, at the House of Representatives, Democrats gained seats, and the home, control, rather. Will the vast majority of time be invested, exploring president, symbolically together with him, at a Social Media of their supreme, blame – match.

Utilizing a visual prop, his Border Wall, and proclaiming, it will cover this, and we want it, to shield ourselves against the poor people, that are invading our nation, even though he offers no confirmation of any of his promises, it’s not possible to create this two, mile wall, and many specialists, say, it’s in an ineffective, inefficient strategy, whilst political fact – checkers proclaim, he always tells lie, in astonishing pace, makes a politician, just like few, we have ever seen before.

The Behavior of the Congress

The House Judiciary Committee, along with other investigatory committees, which have been chaired, by Republicans, will today, be led, by significantly less pliable, Democrats. Will the controller, manage this or will they allow.

We’ve seen a very long, partial government shutdown, that has served or helped, nobody, since he, generates a picture, driven by inciting fears and bias, and boosts the thought, the only way to do it, is by using this particular physical boundary. Exactly would this Congress, cope with this particular person?

We have seen, in the previous two decades, a growing number of focus on branch, blaming, and whining, bias, bigotry, self – interest, and private / political agenda, that has frequently, split, and pitted, a section of American culture against the other, together with blaming, whining, and rhetoric, vitriol, and empty claims, and tons of lying, and/ or, misstating.