The United States of America has got the WhiteHouse. Great Britain includes 10 Downing Street. Norway has Inkognitogaten 18. The complex of fresh and older buildings called Regjeringens Representasjonsanlegg (the Government Representation complex) are at an overall total of 1320 square meters (14208 square feet ). It comprises Inkognitogaten 18, that are correlated with structures, Riddervoldsgate two, Parkveien 4-5, and also the gardens.

Parkveien 4 5″ Villa Parafina” (1876-1877) is at the classical revival mode via an architect also you will undoubtedly soon likely probably also be useful for representation alongside the inch floor of Inkognitogaten 18 (1890). No. 18, that will be at 670 square meters (7212 square feet ), will house the Prime Minister of Norway and family, at which both and 3 floors are likely to be private. This villa is simpler compared to expansive Riddervoldsgate two (1889-1890) that has been constructed at a highly effective new renaissance using towers. The latter will probably last being the house of foreign dignitaries.

The initial facades are maintained, and also the chambers are updated, but using direct reference into its buildings’ history.
Much distance is missing from the walls, lift shafts, security, and technical chambers, however, the chief reason behind the job was to the Prime Minister’s safety. There’s also terraces and balconies along with a garage that your residence is attached together with boligalarm – residential alarm -. The gardens date back to the 1880s and certainly will likely probably soon probably be restored and restored by Snøhetta, renowned because of also the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and the Opera House at Oslo.