Mission Statement

Unite Our States
is born out of Senator Joe Biden's conviction that to make the 21st century an American century we must overcome the politics of division that have burdened our country in recent years.

Unite Our States helps elect candidates committed to addressing the real challenges facing our country at home and abroad by beginning to unite "red" and "blue" states, big cities and small towns, churchgoer and non-churchgoer, and Americans of all walks of life.

Unite Our States supports candidates across the country who are committed to uniting Americans behind:
  • An American leadership role in the world based on the belief that American military power is vital, but so too is the power of our values
  • A strong and growing middle class built on economic innovation, retirement security and access to affordable health care
  • A secure homeland that protects the American people and our economy from potential terrorist attacks
  • Improved public schools and increased access to higher education
  • Safer communities through renewed support of local law enforcement and combating violence against women and children
  • An energy policy that reduces our dependence on imported oil by promoting alternative fuels, increased efficiencies, and a cleaner environment
  • An independent judiciary and the protection of individual rights
With your support, Unite Our States works to diminish the partisan and divisive dialogue dominating American politics.  Senator Biden and the candidates he supports are committed to building on the sense of unity and national purpose which all Americans demonstrated in the weeks and months following the attacks of September 11, 2001.

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