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On Tuesday, Senator Joe Biden launched, a political action committee to elect candidates committed to addressing the challenges facing our country by beginning to unite “red” and “blue” states, big cities and small towns, and Americans of all walks of life.

During the past few months, Senator Biden has been criss-crossing the country to deliver this message. Individual speeches differ but the heart of the Unite Our States message can be seen from these excerpts of remarks that he delivered in early June at the Florida Jefferson Jackson dinner:

Ladies and gentlemen, what you know for certain, and what you know in your gut, and every American knows, is that we cannot make the 21st century an American century, as the 20th was, with a divided America. No matter how much and how partisan we are, we cannot remain red and blue. It cannot stand. We cannot do it…

I believe this generation, the generation of my children… is the same generation, I know it is, that stood in blood lines in New York City on 9/11, for block upon block upon block, after – AFTER they were told no more blood was needed. And they stayed there. Why? They were yearning, screaming out that they wanted to do something at a time their country was in distress. I believe that this generation is poised to unite our states and to do great things….

It’s not a blue America. It’s not a red America. It’s not a Christian America or a non-Christian America. It’s not a white or a brown or a black America. It’s not Republican or Democrat. It’s the America that I remember when I was a senior in high school, a kid, and John Kennedy was sworn in on that cold, cold day. It’s the America that my great-grandparents, who came from Ireland to here, saw so clearly, so clearly. At its heart, it’s a faith that there’s a better place, a place where we know with certainty that our children will live a better life than we do.

This effort is just beginning. In the coming months, will help deliver on this message, giving Americans a chance to come together and stand up for the causes and principles that unite us as a nation. And there is so much more that unites us than divides us.

Will you join us?

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