Coming around….

Even conservative commentators are starting to question the lack of clear benchmarks Americans can use to measure our progress in Iraq. David Broder picks up themes outlined in Senator Biden’s speech to the Brookings Institution in June.

Metrics are exactly what the serious critics in Congress say have been lacking. In a thoughtful June 21 speech, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, a Democrat who supported the invasion and vehemently opposes an early withdrawal, said continued public support depends on “a new compact between the administration and Congress to secure the informed consent of the American people, so that they give the president the time we need to succeed in Iraq.”

“Specifically,” Biden said, “the administration should develop with Congress clear benchmarks or goals in key areas: security, governance and politics, reconstruction and burden-sharing. We in Congress should aggressively assert our oversight responsibility by insisting that the administration report on progress toward those goals every month in public testimony.”

Brook’s column can be found here.

You can read the full transcript of Senator Biden’s speech here.

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