“The answers may be misleading but they are his answers”

Today Senator Biden questioned Judge Roberts on a number of constitutional issues. has been live-blogging the event and has great summaries of the exchange. For instance:

Sen. Biden continued to pursue a debate about the Reagan administration’s course of action in a key gender discrimination case affecting women students in colleges and universities.

“The idea that a conservative civil rights division says it is pretty clear that [there is] discrimination against women, you say ‘that may be but we shouldn’t do anything about it,’ ” Biden said Roberts wrote. Roberts said he did not fully remember the memo but said he was reminding the attorney general, William French Smith, of the views Smith had previously taken.

“I would regard that as very good staff work,” Roberts said.

“I would view it as very poor staff work,” Biden replied.

“I was a staff lawyer. I didn’t have a position. The administration had a position,” Roberts said.

Biden interrupted. Sen. Specter, the committee chairman, asked him to refrain.

“The answers are misleading,” Biden said.

“The answers may be misleading but they are his answers,” Specter said.

Roberts said his answers are “not misleading, they are accurate.”

You can also see a video of Senator Biden questioning Judge Roberts on the Post’s website, as well.

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