Thank you

Since I first authored the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in 1994, the law has had a tremendous impact on the lives of women and children in our country. We’ve seen an almost 50% drop in domestic violence over the last decade. And while the numbers show we are moving in the right direction, the problem of domestic violence continues to damage our communities and we must do more.
Last week I asked you to contact your representatives in Congress to urge them to support the Violence Against Women Act before it expired on September 30. Within hours, thousands of you responded and officials in Washington reacted.

Last night, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved the Violence Against Women Act of 2005
, a piece of legislation that is critical to ensuring the safety and well being of our nation’s women and children.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to help make this possible. At a time when partisan political battles dominate the airwaves, it’s refreshing to see Americans unite together to accomplish a goal we can all agree on — ending domestic violence and sexual assault.

I believe Americans are ready to do great things when asked and I look forward to working with the community as we fight together to tackle the challenges ahead.

Thank you,

Joe Biden
U.S. Senator

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