Biden knows how to pack a room

Young Professional Event

Last week, Unite Our States held its first Young Professional Event in Washington, DC. Needless to say, everyone had a wonderful time and the event was a smashing success. Senator Biden unleashed an inspiring speech that really moved the crowd — we’re trying to get a transcript, which we’ll post online.

For everyone in DC who helped make this happen, thanks so much. For those not in DC, stay tuned. We’re trying to make this happen around the country. If you’re interested in helping, send an email to [email protected]

From The Hill:

By Jeff Dufour

Sen. Joe Biden (D) said he figured out in his first Senate campaign, as a 29-year-old, how to turn people out for a fundraiser.

“Find enough beautiful women and enough guys will show up,” he quipped.

He quickly added, “The Hill newspaper is here, and they’ll think that’s a sexist remark.”

No we won’t, senator. It’s just human nature.

Biden was speaking Thursday night to a near-overflow crowd of 200-plus — the vast majority of whom were under 30 — crammed into the hip, industrial new Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Penn Quarter.

Through his new Unite Our States PAC, Delaware’s senior senator appears to be reaching out to the Gen X and Gen Y crowds as an early strategy in his nascent presidential campaign. Biden was the first Democrat to announce for 2008.

Trucking in cases of Delaware’s own Dogfish Head beer, the PAC asked for only $100 a head — a bargain in the world of Washington fundraisers.

“Two years ago, he never would have done this,” a longtime Biden adviser said. “He would have gotten on the train and gone home to Wilmington.”

Biden seemed to agree. Giving the crowd a sense of what may well become his stump speech, he said that only 15 months ago he thought bipartisan efforts in the Senate would be enough to heal the rift in the country.

But he admitted it is unlikely that the Democrats can take the Congress back this cycle; therefore, the only way to unite the country and reestablish U.S. leadership in the world is to elect a Democratic president.

“I’d rather have you all raise $20,000 than the way I would raise four hundred to five hundred thousand dollars,” he said. “It’s more consequential.”

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