Reaction to the SOTU

This morning on CBS, The Early Show’s Harry Smith asked Senator Biden about his reaction to the State of the Union speech. Click the image below to watch the segment (there may be a short delay after clicking as the video file loads):


I agree with the President that we are at our best when we are shaping events. But the devil is in the details. Last night I didn’t hear a plan.

I hoped the President would have talked to America’s parents and grandparents who are paying the bills. They know that costs for the basics: education, health care, housing, and heating, are up; and their paychecks are not. I didn’t hear a plan for them.

For example, take his health care initiative - for most families addressing health care means addressing affordability. But this President’s health care savings accounts are only a good deal if you have an extra $10,000 you can put in them. They don’t reduce health care costs. We need a plan that takes on affordability.

I’m glad the President is finally talking about reducing our dependence on oil. We need to take control of our energy future. It will take a major investment to develop alternative fuel technology and make it a part of everyday life. The President must back up his words with his budget.
I’m troubled by the fact that the President still hasn’t set national priorities for homeland security.

Six weeks ago the 9/11 Commission gave this Administration failing grades on domestic security. They told us that priorities for infrastructure security haven’t been set and that “all key decisions are at least a year away.” We heard about wiretapping last night - assuming wiretaps make sense - they aren’t a sufficient security plan. We can and should do more.

But look, I think the president is in enough trouble politically that understands that it’s time to really reach out and cooperate. And I’m prepared, and I think most Democrats are prepared to work with him if he’s really going to focus on these things.

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