It had been said by Michelle Obama in 2014 that if you want to have an influence on the political system of the United States, you will have to “write a big, fat check.” In the former first lady’s statement, she has not mentioned that this statement doesn’t work for everyone.

For the majority of people, the “biggest, fattest check” is perhaps within the low two digits, and several people cannot even make a few dollars from their pocket. That is not just sufficient to impact the political practice, to support your preferred aspirant run a reasonably competitive advertising campaign, or even to have an issue brought on in within the agenda.

To put it simpler, the political situation can be identified as a simple game of Runescape. In this game, a player can actually play for free. But many players are spending precious time collecting OSRS gold going to the extent of investing on the most affordable OSRS prices to purchase. Why? Some players believe that the OSRS gold is the key to win the game. That’s why many players spend so much time collecting the gold. In the same manner, many political figures are collecting or coming up with their own funds in order to make it to a common goal - to win.

The conventional strategy to reduce the impact of inequality to our economy continues to restrict all those fat checks, simply by capping individual donations, the total one individual can provide to strategies, or outside spending designed to impact elections. However, even with no judicial involvement, the big checks and those behind the written check seem to have found various approaches make an effect on political policies and even elections. In times of surprising inequality, the influence of the wealthy over politics cannot be guaranteed.

Money and Politics - An alternative approach?

Rather than attempting to restrict funds and screwing up — it best to encourage everyone. Think about it. Say that everyone can issue a check, it doesn’t have to be a big and fat check, but just enough that when combined with others, it could be enough for the average individual to run for a political seat, or just enough to bring out issues that ordinary citizens are facing.

This method is the reverse of limits — it is going to clear the system, and also to motivate wider involvement by people, not just as voters, but also as donors and volunteers. A politician who has a wide and broad support system will have a better chance even if the wealthy and big spenders are out there to support their own political figures.

Political figures will have more reason to invest time with common voters who may possibly turn into donors. It will be simpler for an aspirant who does not begin with their very own hard earned cash, or collection of rich friends, or business allies so that the person will be noticed or become competitive.

There are many approaches to use small amounts of community resources for making this vision a real possibility. One which looks like it works well, in several states and also cities, offers voluntary complete community financing to political candidates who also demonstrate an extensive base of help via modest donations. Simply said, thousands of small checks become one big check.